Install Squid di Windows 7

  1. Extraxt Squid to C:
  2. Copy file Configuration in c:/squid/etc
  3. Edit squid.conf
  • http_port 3128 –> http_port ipaddress:3128 or http_port ipaddress:3128 transparent
  • acl localnet src
  • http_access allow localnet
  1. Start –> Run –> CMD
  2. cd \
  3. cd \squid\sbin
  4. squid -z
  5. squid -i ( add squid in services windows)
  6. done

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      1. Hi! Let’s add each other on the blog roll 😀 We can learn things from each other too 😀 I just installed squid on CentOS, I want to do a PoC for cache engine/proxy server…then I want to do layer7 filtering with pfsense and squid.

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